Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby Race

A few weeks ago Drew and Noah had the Pinewood Derby race for Scouts. They look forward to this every year.

Drew got 4th place in his age group.

He also won "best of show". The kids can vote on their favorite looking one and Drew was the winner. . This year Drew went with a mouse trap with cheese. Very original.

Noah got 1st place in his age group. He made his to look like a tent.

The bros, their cars, and their winnings.


Deb said...

AWESOME job guys! Love the pictures Kelly! :)

Uncle Jeff said...

Great job guys! Proud of you.

Grandma Paulette said...

Way to go guys-I love your car styles-so creative! Glad you did well too racing

Kat said...

Has another year gone by already???? I remember when you posted about the derby from last year. That is amazing. How fast time flies.

Congratultions to your boys! :)