Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Christmas Fun

I'm taking a break from gift wrapping to finally update my blog. I have a pain in my neck, a pain in my rear, and a pain in my back from sitting on the floor hunched over gifts. Seriously. I'd ask dear hubby for a back rub but he is snoring in the bedroom. Guess I'll do this all myself.

We've been having fun with our new camcorder that my inlaws gave us for Christmas. We have the software installed on the computer. Now I just need to figure out how to get the clips on the blog......because I have some cute stuff to share. Like Christmas programs, Noah singing in the shower, Drew scoring a hockey goal, so much fun!

One thing I've learned over the years is that it is impossible to get a good picture during the Christmas programs. The lighting stinks, there are a million people, and you can't get close enough to get one anyway. Some day the video will come. Until then, here is my sweet little Joseph. (center with gold halo). The funny part was that towards the end, he halo broke and he was sitting there with a confused look trying to put it back on his head. It was just hanging there. I was cracking up. I said that was God's joke for me. (but isn't he cute??)

We had Christmas parties and I got to attend both of them. Here Aiden and his friend Ethan are busy decorating their Christmas cookies.

Noah and friends are busy painting a Christmas ornament.
Drew's class just watched Elf and had snacks so I sent something to school with him and then popped in to say hi towards the end of the day.
Sunday was the annual Boat Club Christmas Party. Aiden and Noah were so excited to see Santa coming. We had been wondering about Noah's beliefs but he soooo believes. LOVE IT. My sweet gullible 8 year old. Hopefully we can pull it off one more year.
Drew's a smart kid, he knew if he wanted to get his gift from Santa, he had to sit on his lap. As you can see, he told him his wishes. Can't hurt...
I just about melted when Aiden climbed onto Santa's lap. He just snuggled in and rested his head against his beard. I think he was trying to butter him up.He had quite a list.
Noah almost seems taken aback by something Santa said. LOL
Santa must be telling him something good....
So much more, so little time. The cats are playing in the wrapping paper and with the plastic bags. I guess I need to get back to work so I can sleep sometime tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I can finally relax and begin to enjoy Christmas a little bit.


Mom said...

too cute of pictures of your boys with Santa. One of the things I miss with no little ones here.....
Wrapping packages is quite exhausting-there must be a better way!

Aunt Cindy said...

I had that same backache and my family began calling it "Present Back" like it was some sort of newly discovered syndrome. This Santa hype is a myth you know..MRS.CLAUS is doing all the work and Santa just delivers the gifts after napping!!! Loved the pictures of your boys with Santa...Adam was a FIRM believer until 5th grade when JOE blew his cover...Eric was the first non-believer in our house in second grade, though we suspected Cody knew quite awhile but was afraid of what might happen if he came forward---enjoy the few mystical years you have left...they are the best! Now I will go rest my 'present back' :-)